Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Boo Bags

At last we have some tote bags back in the shops. We love these bags they are screen printed and sewn here in the UK. They are strong, wash well and are just really good quality. All the new bags feature Boo, I think they would be perfect for that egg hunt on Easter morning.
We have a big Boo bag.

& a small boo bag.

Also my favourite, this repeat pattern Boo bag.

All the bags are beautifully packaged and come with a free surprise badge.

HOWEVER how about buying one of these gorgeous wooden Boo brooches to go with a bag?

These arrived cut and etched from good quality plywood and then I was let loose on them, attaching brooch backs and varnashing and lots of fun with the packaging, I love packaging!

I think they are a brilliant price at just £5 the perfect Easter present.

Shown here on our new spring blouse (available at the end of this week)

I have had a couple of fun days out lately, first a quick trip to sunny Brighton.

& then my yearly trip to the AAF it is such a great day out. We took my friends little girl and had thought she might be bored but there was so much for her to look at and do and did anyone else notice there were the most amount of dogs there this year?!

The best bit was when Greta aged 2 and a half pointed at an abstract painting and said 'look Jackson pollock' !!! afterwards we went next door to the childrens Zoo, I have never been before it's great, really well maintained and thought out, I highly recommend it.

Lastly a BIG thank you to Cathy for featuring a review of 'Bubbles Before Bed' in the fabulous Anorak magazine.

oohhhh lastly, lastly I just noticed our Etsy sales are at 9999.

I wonder who will be the lucky 10,000 customer?


  1. My goodness Mandy, pure gorgeousness again! These tote's are must-haves.
    Have a lovely day xxxx

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh... are you kidding me....these are so cool!!!
    I love totes and with a Boo Bunny... MUST HAVE now and that wooden brooch...
    I am :)

  3. Delightful! There's not a thing you add to your range I don't love!

  4. Really lovely bags! And the new broche! And the poster!
    Love them all!

  5. Now I'll have to add yet another thing to my wish list: that brooch is lovely! Those wooden Boo's would also make lovely keyrings.
    By the way, I've been keeping busy whilst waiting for our little one to arrive: I made the Boo-mobile from your Bubbles Before Bed book, but with a slight twist. I just posted about it if you'd like to see.
    L, Tania

  6. soooooo beautyfull !!!! i realy like you're blog


  7. Oh so adorable. You create such beautiful things that always make me smile.

  8. Oh my goodness...those totes are adorable! I know of two little boys who could put them to very good use ;)