Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bubble 11

Who wants a sneaky peek at our Autumn/Winter 11 collection?
You do?
Well OK then......

Here is Belle wearing hers.
We are all a little bit in love with this collection, especially Tracy who wants them in her size!

The Boo coat this year is in a crimson colour, it went down a storm at the show, everyone agreed it is very little red riding hood. Here it is with my friend Helen Gordon's, Hansel and Gretel dress, what a beautiful outfit, straight out of a fairy tale.

This year we have dropped the smallest size of ours clothes we are now starting at 18-24th months and going up to size 5-6yrs as we get asked a lot for this size, which I suppose makes sense as Belle is a young 5 herself. The fashion industry is such a learning curve, this year we will be making a lot more 2-3yrs and 3-4yrs as these are the sizes that go first, anyway I will talk more about the collection at a later date, all being well it will be available end of August.

It was lovely to see Belle & Boo included in the trend section 'Golden Days'

I was very excited to meet 2 of my favourite designers at the moment, Lale who was so gorgeous and french and actually said "oh la la" at one point in the conversation! Also Olive's Friend Pop, who's clothes are even more adorable in real life, even though I have no one to put in it, I couldn't resist buying one of her dresses, I may just have to frame it.

We also met Old Rectory, who's collection is as lovely as their lifestyle, I bought a little something for my friends new baby, but I can't show you as that would spoil the surprise.

OK have to work on some Christmas designs now......it's a funny life!


  1. You make me crave Fall, okay, just a bit ;) Happy day , Mandy xx

  2. Beautiful, beautiful red coat! I love Lale also, the fabrics are wonerfully nostalgic.

  3. gorgeous as always! I wish I had a girl to put that darling jacket on :)

  4. Gorgeous new clothes Mandy! Another beautiful collection - bet you never dreamed of being a fashion designer one day and bringing out new collections each season - but here you are!
    That little dress you bought is adorable too!
    Kat x

  5. LOVE that crimson coat! just beautiful. x

  6. Oh yay! So happy to see your gorgeous crimson coat will be available in the next size (5-6) for my Munchkin! She adores her blue coat and we would have been very disappointed to have not been able to replace it next winter, and the new colour is scrummy. I too would like one, and everyone that see's The Munchkins says they would love one too! :)