Monday, 13 June 2011

New Small Boo Swing Tags

A while ago we had a little Boo stamp made and Suzie suggested we started selling little Boo swing tags, I think you'll agree they are very sweet, available now here and here.

This months Junior magazine is all about the winners....did I mention we won BEST INTERIORS?! eek I am still so proud. You can read an interview with little ol' me here, it's called 'The Belle behind Belle & Boo' which I love.

& lastely some great press in the Mini Resident, how beautiful are the little girl's eyes on the front cover & on that note I just noticed they are holding a cover girl competition here.


  1. Great article, will give you a call tomorrow for a catch up x

  2. I agree with what you've said about childhood memories: there's no running around for hours on empty acres of land anymore for our children. It is quite sad. Not only are those places practically non-existent nowadays, we have also become so overprotective of our children that we would probably hesitate to let them play without supervision if such places were still about.