Wednesday, 27 July 2011

They are here

The lunch boxes and money tins arrived at the studio yesterday and are now available in the shop. I have put my name down for 10, I love them that much!

Meanwhile sorry to go so quiet on you, I wish I could say I have been on some long relaxing holiday but no such luck, I have been working away on Christmas products yikes! and 'The Book'. We tend to refer to it as 'The Book' around here as it feels quite huge and daunting, but so far so good only another 7 weeks or so before it goes to print ready for the Frankfurt book fair in October. Unfortunately it is tip top secret and not out until Feb 12, but hopefully once it has been shown at the fair, I can show you a few sneaky peeks. Meanwhile here are some tasters of whats to come for Christmas, can you guess what they are?

We have another exciting range coming out after Christmas it is a Belle & Boo party range, Clare our designer has been working on it relentlessly for months, so she has all sorts of samples at her flat, a few of which she put to good use at the weekend. how cute is this cake.

Lots of great press about our summer clothes, which have nearly all gone now. Our production runs are very small on our clothes so if you do buy a piece rest assured hardly anyone else will have it, I haven't even got a parade dress myself they went that quickly.

& there is a lovely interview with me here, hopefully if you click on the image you can read it.

There is also a fab mention of our melamine sets on Retro to go, thanks Olivia.

Finally you have to take a look at this INCREDIBLE dolls house decorated by Megan for her little girl, I feel very proud that one of my illustrations has ended up in such a sweet, sweet home, if only I was mouse size.


  1. I do so hope you have more Christmas postcards in those little sneak peeks as my husband made me take mine down a few weeks ago :-(

  2. loving the look of the party range - that would be great for the kids in my family xx

  3. Consignment of money boxes duly ordered! I had to stop myself from ordering a truck load of lunch boxes too :)

    Party range and book sound everso exciting. Look forward to seeing them.

  4. Wow, that dolls house IS amazing! I am totally in love with the plate and everything actually! Love the Christmas sneak previews too - wrapping paper and cards is it?

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. H&M do i nice range or regularly changing homewares online.

    The Range is a huge store full of reasonable homewares/crafts/gifts and garden things: some of it is really tacky, but there are some great bits too

  6. Ooo these look gorgeous Mandy, hmmmm gift tags and wrapping paper for Christmas? Perhaps a few Chrissy cards?
    Oh those money boxes and lunch boxes look DEVINE, well done!!
    Can't wait to see your party range!!

    Leoni (Just call me Martha)

  7. The lunchboxes are AWESOME! Loving the plate and cup sets, too. Who does the manufacturing on those for you? The packaging of the plate sets is even amazing. I bet you never thought you could add 'surface designer' to your resume! Must feel awesome.

  8. It was nice to read the interview and know how you started! Thanks! :)