Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Top Drawer Autumn 11

It's that time of year again, Top Drawer time!
The difference being this year I emailed Kate a scrappy sketch a few months ago of how I thought the stand could look and she and the rest of the clever Belle & Boo team created this sweet, beautiful stand.

I have been buried in the book for the past few months (I have a severe case of cabin fever!) so yesterday I took some time out to go and visit the show and I was blown away with how pretty everything looked. I think when you are involved in all the nitty gritty bits of putting the show together & your personality is like mine... to focus on the things that went a bit wrong, it's hard to see the finished result clearly. So simply turning up yesterday and seeing it all together for the first time was such a fun, proud, exciting experience and hopefully a little glimpse of how our visitors view the stand also, which is what counts in the end.

Kate found some fantastic props including this post box, where we asked people to post their business cards and this very cool little tree trunk cupboard!

Here is a sneaky peek of our new Christmas goodies, which will be available beginning of October.

We will also have this pretty little apron available around November.

I am sure those of you with keen eyes will also be able to spot some other lovely goodies that will be available early next year, but I don't want to spoil all the surprises in one go.

Also a polite little reminder from Suzie to not forget our Clothes collection is very limited, so don't risk being disappointed and leave it too late, the Boo coats are flying out....OK back to the book.


  1. Love the mailbox Mandy, great stand, wish I could visit it! Have to order a new mug btw, mine just broke yesterday.... Good luck further with the book, hugs, Maureen

  2. You should be proud indeed. What a beautiful and elegant stand - full of ideas.

    It must be very special to see the many fantastic things you have created with your talented hands andhead. What a joy it must be. :))

  3. Oh it just sooo lovely....I think Belle & Boo could move into nightwear and do a traditional type nightie!!!
    The Christmas range looks very exciting too!

  4. Everything you do is so lovey and inspiring. Your work is like daydreams coming true.

  5. Oh those Christmas papers - just beautiful {swoon}.

  6. Hope you had a great show - *loving* the shorts set. Kat x

  7. oh my goodness, i spy christmas things that i want - can't wait!!1

  8. I received THE best gift I've ever been given, a few days ago! My lovely poster! I rolled my wheelchair back into my apartment and admired the sweet tube it was packaged in and then carefully opened it...and I cried! No, I sobbed! Tears of great Joy! I want to say "Thank You", from the deepest part of my soul. I am having it matted and framed and soon it will have a very special place on my "Happy Wall"! Thank You, again for that parcel filled with Love! ~ Karen (Jo) Moseley
    P.S. Is Etsy the only place in the USA to buy belle and boo products? I love the new products and would like to LIVE in that little shop!

  9. I love the sleigh mounted on the wall, the red mailbox popping out, the elegant white shelve with its vintage look... I could go on and on!
    I like Dilly's idea about the traditional nightgown, it would make a great Christmas gift combined with the 'bubbles before bed' book.
    x Tania

  10. Is it wrong that I want to wear the winter spot blouse and shorts combo! The stand look gorgeous, well done to all. Can't wait to get my hands on the Christmas stationary!

    Sarah x

    Good luck with completing The Book x

  11. lovely as always... you have some great girls working for you! I know you are proud to have them on your team!

  12. Those Christmas papers - just beautiful, and I love the sleigh mounted on the wall, very nice post.
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  13. i stumbled upon your shop recently and I totally fell in love.. everything is so beautiful and inspiring!

  14. All the stuff from your store is so perfectly beautiful and cute :)

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