Thursday, 20 October 2011

A little bit more of Christmas

I really love these Christmas wrap packs, anything that comes with stickers is a winner for me.

At last we have some more Belle & Boo fabric (more designs to follow next Spring) Our last fabric sold out within weeks, so don't be disappointed don't delay buy your Belle & Boo fabric today :) Below are a few examples (made by the very talented Sarah) of what you can make with it, but as always we would love to see what you make with yours.

Finally we are bringing back these 4 popular festive prints this year in a smaller size 7" by 9" as they make such lovely gifts in their bespoke boxes complete with festive stamps.


  1. Do you know how much my skipped when I seen your Christmas fabric in your etsy store! I think I was the first to purchase some too! I'm going to actually make something very simple but traditional for one of my girls for xmas. A pillowcase! We swap our usual pillowcases for our special xmas pillowcase every 1st of december then we take them of xmas eve and plce them under the tree all ready for Santa to fill!
    I just love the Christmas shop! Can't wait for my fabric and tins!

  2. Oh, lovely fabrics Mandy! will watch when to order, thanks Maureen xx

  3. Oh, lovely fabrics Mandy! will watch when to order, thanks Maureen xx

  4. oops, It's late now...I see I can already order, so will look in the morning at the shop. Also, the mugs with Belle drinking chocolate where sold out... so I wait for the next prints, thanks to Jo for checking xx

  5. All gorgeous as ever - the tape and the stickers are making me twirl!

    Sarah x

  6. Just love everything Mandy, especially the fabric. Hope you're well and not too run off your feet. Have a lovely weekend, Catherine x

  7. As the Season changes and the Holidays approach, I'm feeling down. This may very well be my last Holiday Season on this Earth. And, then I came here and saw all of the lovely belle and boo Holiday/Christmas items! And, a big smile crept across my face! Oh, how I want some belle and boo for Christmas. I don't receive any cards or gifts, so that is difficult. I chose to not marry and have no children, But, I never would have guessed that I'd have an incurable cancer in my early 50's!
    I don't know where to find belle and boo in the U.S. Can you help me find a way to find some? My mind is fuzzy tonight, but my heart knows what it loves. And, little belle is so precious! I wish I'd had a daughter just like her!
    I'll stop now. Tears in my keyboard. xxoo Jo