Friday, 4 November 2011

At Last a Sneaky Peek!

I have been under strict instructions not to show any of the picture book I have been working on since May, which is sssssoooooooooooooooooooo frustrating. However the cover is now on Amazon (you have been able to pre-order it for a while now, but there was no picture until a few days ago!)

Now I am allowed to show you something I feel a mixture of excitment and fear, working on a picture book is all consuming. I swear you think about it ALL the time, sketching on the tube, discussing compositions during romantic meals out with Russ, I even started dreaming about it at one point....well now I am just stalling!

So here it is................eek!

This is the dummy cover that went to the Book fair.

and this...... why this is the rest of the book, but I am afraid you will have to wait until May to see any of that.........drat!

Our Christmas press is starting to come out, look at this in Tatler how posh are we :)

and yesterday my copy of Mollie Makes arrived, oohh its a lovely magazine and came with a free linen kit, I highly recommend.

One last thing If you are in the Bristol area at the end of the month, Kate and I have a stall here

so please pop by and say 'hi' and enjoy a mince pie and glass of mulled wine.


  1. So beautiful!! Congratulations! I just received the bunny cookie cuter and pins and I love them!!

  2. ooo exciting!!

    I must say thank you for my parcel i recieved last week. (I ordered all the christmassy tins for myself)

    Your packages are so gorgeous to recieve, i love the stickers and tape - they make me smile before i've even opened it!! and thanks for the extra postcard xx

  3. The book looks wonderful!!! I can't wait to buy it for my daughters birthday next july! Looong way away, but worth the wait I'm sure!

  4. SOOOO excited, it looks beyond beautiful Mandy! Love your new prints, especially the sepia one going to bed time, these types of illustration are just my cup of tea too :) Hugs, Catherine x

  5. Oooo, love the cover of your new book Mandy, well done on getting it all finished :-)
    I also spied the Boo cookie cutter in your shop, now THAT would have been handy when I had to hand cut all those Boo cookies back in Easter this year lol

  6. The cover book looks beautiful!!!!, for sure the book will be worth to wait for!!!! CONGRATS!!!

  7. Hi Mandy!
    what a bummer, no more fabric? Please let me know if it's coming back, thanks! And congrats on the beautiful cover! Looking forward to the book, so nice to read along with you and the whole Belle and Boo journey, thanks for sharing it. I made your blog my new Blog of the Week, link to yours, hope you like it, so more people can find your work, all the best, Maureen x

  8. Mandy it's really happening. Your very own book!
    And I have to say I'm loving the butterflies on the cover! Of course, you probably knew I would.
    Looking forward to getting some for gifts when it's available honey,
    Love kat x