Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A little catch up

I am So sorry for everyone that missed out on the Christmas fabric again, it went within a few days and annoyingly and some what typically our emails went a bit wonky over the weekend meaning some people that thought they had managed to grab some had to be refunded. We really are sorry we do try our hardest, next year we will order 10 times as much I promise.
I know it is a bit of a wait but next spring we are going to be launching 4 new fabrics in a light and heavy weight material, here is a sneaky peek of my favourite (and the other 3 are pretty cute also!)

I have had 2 lovely weekends away, 1st to Birmingham for a girly day out with my mum and godmother, most excitingly we saw where The Archers is recorded

& we met 2 tiny actors, the little girl that plays Abbie Tucker and her brother that plays baby Henry, I don't think they could understand what all the fuss was about!
Then the weekend just gone we spent a glorious weekend in Norfolk, we stayed in a stunning cottage.

and couldn't have been asked for more beautiful weather.
We went on a seal watching trip

oohhhhhhh they were so cute.

A couple of cute Belle & Boo photos

& some Christmas press

and a mention on the gorgeous Bloesem blog


  1. Hold the phone! You met Abbie tucker and baby Henry from the archers?! I'm very jealous, I'm a complete archers addict! Although I don't think I ever want to see what any of them look like actually, I prefer the pictures I've conjured up. And I'm a little bit in love with David archer. x

  2. I used to listen to The Archers every week in the car with my Dad on our way home from piano lessons! Loving your new fabric and those seals are adorable! Catherine x