Friday, 4 November 2011

New Prints

Today we added 4 new prints to the shops, 2 for boys and 2 for girls. I illustrated the first 2 'The Reading Group' and 'The Club House' to compliment 2 existing prints that we wanted to wrap around our lunch boxes. We weren't actually going to release them as prints, but we have had lots of lovely requests to add them to the print collection, so here they are.

The 3rd new print is a firm favourite of mine, it was suggested by Suzie, if you don't know Suzie she is a crucial member of the Belle & Boo team. If you have ever received a parcel from us, it will have been lovingly packed by Suzie, she is more of a perfectionist than I am and I am pretty bad! The illustration is taken from our book 'Bubbles Before Bed' and is called 'Up The Stairs We Go'. I love doing this type of illustration, note to self 'must do more'.

The 4th new print is 'Bronto Boy' or 'Jude-o-saurus' as we refer to it in the studio. The idea for the illustration was suggested to me by Tracy's son Jude, who has a mop of blonde hair just like the illo.

We also have 2 new packs of gift tags

Baby Boo Tags

& Belle Hugs Boo Tags I really like the colour of these (Wow I really do like sepia!)

We have been sent the most amount of lovely customer photos recently, here are some Belle & Boo goodies being enjoyed around the world.

Oooohh and all our Christmas fabric has sold out, we are going to try our hardest to get some more before Christmas, but meanwhile please do send us photos of what you have done with yours.

Bye for now & for those of us in the UK have a wonderful Bonfire night.


  1. These 4 prints are really beautiful! and it's very nice to see all this sweet babies with your fabrics :)

  2. I love seeing your customer photos too :)Hey I'm so glad I got in early with the christmas fabric! Still waiting for everything to arrive.... but I may be shopping again with you soon though as I adore the print of Belle and Boo on the stairs!

  3. love that clubhouse print. we have a playhouse in the garden that looks just like that treehouse and you just gave me a great idea with the bucket! the boys will love it, i can put snacks in there! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx extra kisses for you today!