Saturday, 30 April 2011

Winners Everywhere

A few of you may have already seen on our face book page but we recently found out that Belle & Boo has won a prestigious Junior Design Award. We have been awarded 'Best Interiors Collection/Decor' which blows my mind as I am well aware of the amazing competition out there. So thank you Junior and thank you to everyone that has supported us along the way. I feel a little like I am making an Oscar speech! Seriously though I remember when Junior magazine first came out, I would buy a copy every month and visualise my illustrations being featured, it's funny and amazing how these things work out.

A little bit about the award:

The Junior Design Awards are ‘the only awards that recognise excellence in style and design – and everything beautiful in a child’s life’. Showcasing the best in children’s fashion; lifestyle and interiors; travel; food & dining; toys & children’s books; and green parenting. A special 164 – page Collectors Edition of Junior Magazine (July issue – on sale June 3rd) will showcase all the award winners and shortlisted products.

Well done to our friends at Hucklebones who have won ‘Emerging Talent / Best New Fashion Brand’ a very well deserved award indeed.

Now about our winners. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas, Clare and I were hugely inspired and It was difficult picking just 3 winning ideas. So we picked the 3 best ideas that related directly to the current Talking Tables range and then another 3 ideas which we hope to develope at some point in the future. When I say best ideas I guess that's is a bit misleading, I think what I mean is fresh ideas as you cleverly predicted an awful lot of products that are in development already....oooohhhhhh it's exciting (I am afraid the range will not be out until January, so pre-plan those parties for next year)

In no particular order:

3 Party Parade Ideas

Down that little Lane: 'wrapping paper for pass the parcel'

Kat: 'Wide satin wired ribbon with the design all along'

Glynis: Jigsaws - 'for those children that like to sit and do something a little quieter than the normal noisy games (would also be a fab pressie)'

3 extra ideas

Renee: 'Hide and seek with boo. Little boo cutouts on sticks to plant into the ground in the garden and the children to go on a 'boo' hunt. How many bunnies can they find. Perhaps with a special coloured boo for a prize'

bybibo: 'how about a "birthday album/book" where you could keep track of friends/families birthdays'

katelynn elizabeth: 'I also think that stand-up cutouts of a boy and girl would be a fun wedding cake topper'

I am going to try and contact you all, but if you don't hear from me please just shout. Renee, I am not sure how to contact you?

hhmmm not many pretty pictures with this post, so let me attach this that I found on decor8 this morning, taken for StyleCookie an inspiring space online in the form of an e-zine and a blog about decoration and inspiring products for the home, featuring our 'Release' postcard.

Friday, 29 April 2011

New York Round Up

Well like all holidays it feels an age ago since I was in New York, so these photos are as much for me as you! I was lucky enough whilst there to be joined by a very good friend from my art college days, who is a fabulous photographer, so the following pictures are a mixture of our photos but they are mainly hers (mine are the more touristy ones & the ones of food!)

I LOVE american breakfasts, every morning it was a hard decision, eggs, pancakes, bagels or all 3!

& one slightly different breakfast at the famous Katz deli, a knish, pastrami on rye with pickles and a chocolate New York egg cream.

We stayed right next to Central Park

which is next to the MET, the Met, the Met, the Met I still can't quite believe just how many of my favourite art works are housed there.

I walked and walked and walked and just soaked up the atmosphere (I did keep feel like I was in a movie most of the time)

when we couldn't walk any more we tackled the subway (I just about got the hang of it)

& a quick trip on the Staten Island ferry, very early one morning.

We ate such good food and drank a few too many cocktails.

We hung out in Brooklyn.

& we shopped & shopped & shopped (I will have to photograph a few of my best finds, pity we couldn't fit these chairs in our suitcase at just $10 each)

& last but definitely not least I visited Christopher Robins original toys, that A.A. Milne showed to E.H. Shepherd before he illustrated Winnie The Pooh. Isn't little piglet cute. you can read about them here I especially like this bit....

Sadly Roo is one of the original toys that has not been preserved. His disappearance was described by A.A. Milne in the birth certificate; "Roo is believed to be somewhere in Sussex, but no details are available. A subsequent dog who became part of the establishment, took him for a walk once and left him in a hollow tree, from which he was extracted a year later. But the spirit of adventure was now strong upon him and soon afterwards he was off again, whether or not with the co-operation of the dog this time is not known".