Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cool Camping

My sister Aly and her husband Jolly recently set up their own business called 'Jolly Campervans'. Their logo says 'go nice place do nice things' which I love and sums it up nicely. They own 2 new VW camper vans, which came from brazil looking like this

and then get retro-nised here in the UK, so they end up looking like this

Which is very clever as you have the look and the feel of the classic campers but with brand new reliable engines. I personally love all the details they have thought of, they can offer personalised itineraries pre-programmed into the sat nav, cosy crisp duvets and pillows so you can snuggle up and watch the stars, bike racks, expresso coffee makers. They can pick you up from an airport, train station (within reason) or drop the van off with you for free within a certain radius and can provide a drive away awning if you need that bit more space on your trip. I think they have though of everything!

Also what is great about it is they are based in the North of England, so it's a chance to visit some such STUNNING parts of the country, I think Russ and I are going to take one on a tour of the Lake district as soon as I finish the book.

Anyway to celebrate the opening of their site they have a very lovely offer for Belle & Boo followers, the first 5 bookings that are made before the end of July get a whopping 20% off the price and all other booking made after that before the end of July get 10% off.
What I mean by that is you need to make a booking before the end of July but that booking can be for any time of the year, does that make sense? I hope so ! Just quote "Belle & Boo love camping too" when you contact them.

Even if you can't take a trip my sister would love to hear from you, she is about to have a baby any day now and would like to keep her mind busy so visit her blog here and see photos of me and her as little kids camping, see if you can spot me in the group shot!

Also to get you in the mood check out Allison's brand new section of her website On the road all about cool camping, these are just a couple of things I will be taking with me on my trip.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Bubble 11

Who wants a sneaky peek at our Autumn/Winter 11 collection?
You do?
Well OK then......

Here is Belle wearing hers.
We are all a little bit in love with this collection, especially Tracy who wants them in her size!

The Boo coat this year is in a crimson colour, it went down a storm at the show, everyone agreed it is very little red riding hood. Here it is with my friend Helen Gordon's, Hansel and Gretel dress, what a beautiful outfit, straight out of a fairy tale.

This year we have dropped the smallest size of ours clothes we are now starting at 18-24th months and going up to size 5-6yrs as we get asked a lot for this size, which I suppose makes sense as Belle is a young 5 herself. The fashion industry is such a learning curve, this year we will be making a lot more 2-3yrs and 3-4yrs as these are the sizes that go first, anyway I will talk more about the collection at a later date, all being well it will be available end of August.

It was lovely to see Belle & Boo included in the trend section 'Golden Days'

I was very excited to meet 2 of my favourite designers at the moment, Lale who was so gorgeous and french and actually said "oh la la" at one point in the conversation! Also Olive's Friend Pop, who's clothes are even more adorable in real life, even though I have no one to put in it, I couldn't resist buying one of her dresses, I may just have to frame it.

We also met Old Rectory, who's collection is as lovely as their lifestyle, I bought a little something for my friends new baby, but I can't show you as that would spoil the surprise.

OK have to work on some Christmas designs's a funny life!

Monday, 13 June 2011

New Small Boo Swing Tags

A while ago we had a little Boo stamp made and Suzie suggested we started selling little Boo swing tags, I think you'll agree they are very sweet, available now here and here.

This months Junior magazine is all about the winners....did I mention we won BEST INTERIORS?! eek I am still so proud. You can read an interview with little ol' me here, it's called 'The Belle behind Belle & Boo' which I love.

& lastely some great press in the Mini Resident, how beautiful are the little girl's eyes on the front cover & on that note I just noticed they are holding a cover girl competition here.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

New Goodies

A few very exciting new goodies arrived in the studio this week. The first is this beautiful Boo cot bed quilt, kate's little girl Robyn has had our prototype on her bed for the past few months and just loves it. to celebrate we have a special offer running for the month of June....

Also hot off the press today are 2 gorgeous melamine sets, Ava's Teaparty for girls and yes a boys one featuring Pirate Party. I started working on these and some other equally yummy stuff ( more to be revealed next month) this time last year when we were lucky enough to be contacted by Elite Gift Boxes. Elite asked us if they could license some of our designs & once we saw that they produced tin and melamine featuring the Flower Fairies and Peter Rabbit we jumped at the chance. It was a long old process with many tweaks and twiddles along the way, Clare our designer was very patient and worked wonders with these melamine sets and now a year on we are all thrilled with the product and are very proud to start selling them in the shop. At just £18 a set I think they make a lovely affordable gift.

I had to design 2 new art works for these sets and for another tin product (my favourite) coming soon, can you guess what it will be?!

The Reading Group

The Club House

Do you think we should sell these as prints? we are in 2 minds, I would love to know your thoughts.

On a completely non Belle & Boo note I saw Take That at the weekend, it was their first night back in their home town of Manchester, or as Robbie said the the place they pretended they were from because it was trendy at the time! All 5 of them back together, it was ALOT of fun, thank you Aly and Jolly :)