Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A little catch up

I am So sorry for everyone that missed out on the Christmas fabric again, it went within a few days and annoyingly and some what typically our emails went a bit wonky over the weekend meaning some people that thought they had managed to grab some had to be refunded. We really are sorry we do try our hardest, next year we will order 10 times as much I promise.
I know it is a bit of a wait but next spring we are going to be launching 4 new fabrics in a light and heavy weight material, here is a sneaky peek of my favourite (and the other 3 are pretty cute also!)

I have had 2 lovely weekends away, 1st to Birmingham for a girly day out with my mum and godmother, most excitingly we saw where The Archers is recorded

& we met 2 tiny actors, the little girl that plays Abbie Tucker and her brother that plays baby Henry, I don't think they could understand what all the fuss was about!
Then the weekend just gone we spent a glorious weekend in Norfolk, we stayed in a stunning cottage.

and couldn't have been asked for more beautiful weather.
We went on a seal watching trip

oohhhhhhh they were so cute.

A couple of cute Belle & Boo photos

& some Christmas press

and a mention on the gorgeous Bloesem blog

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Christmas Fabric is Back.... SORRY ALL GONE

.... but don't delay we only have 34 mtrs

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

More new goodies

It feels like we have new products arriving at the studio all the time at the moment, it's very exciting. Today I have added 3 new goodies to the shops.

My firm favourite is this sweet Belle & Boo apron, it fills me with feelings of nostalgia for my childhood, thoughts of Holly Hobbie, flat sally cakes and licking the bowl. Thanks to Lucy Woodruff for her beautiful photos, I think she captures to mood perfectly.

The apron is £18.50 and has a pretty pocket on the front big enough to pop a Boo cookie cutter in!

Next we have a LARGE dress up Belle and Boo, the same size as the display ones we have been using for our shows. They really are fab, standing 37cm tall made from sturdy card, with a fold out flap on the back so they can stand. Belle comes with 4 outfits and there is a cosy scarf for Boo and here on the blog if you scroll down you will find 4 more free outfits. At just £10 I think it makes a lovely present.

Lastly more wooden Boo's but this time he is a decoration hang him from your Christmas tree or mantle piece or like me all year round as a light pull!

We have approx 34 mtrs of the Christmas fabric arriving in a couple of weeks, that is all we could get printed before January, so keep your eyes peeled and I will let you know on the blog as soon as it has arrived. Bye for now.

Friday, 4 November 2011

At Last a Sneaky Peek!

I have been under strict instructions not to show any of the picture book I have been working on since May, which is sssssoooooooooooooooooooo frustrating. However the cover is now on Amazon (you have been able to pre-order it for a while now, but there was no picture until a few days ago!)

Now I am allowed to show you something I feel a mixture of excitment and fear, working on a picture book is all consuming. I swear you think about it ALL the time, sketching on the tube, discussing compositions during romantic meals out with Russ, I even started dreaming about it at one point....well now I am just stalling!

So here it is................eek!

This is the dummy cover that went to the Book fair.

and this...... why this is the rest of the book, but I am afraid you will have to wait until May to see any of that.........drat!

Our Christmas press is starting to come out, look at this in Tatler how posh are we :)

and yesterday my copy of Mollie Makes arrived, oohh its a lovely magazine and came with a free linen kit, I highly recommend.

One last thing If you are in the Bristol area at the end of the month, Kate and I have a stall here

so please pop by and say 'hi' and enjoy a mince pie and glass of mulled wine.

New Prints

Today we added 4 new prints to the shops, 2 for boys and 2 for girls. I illustrated the first 2 'The Reading Group' and 'The Club House' to compliment 2 existing prints that we wanted to wrap around our lunch boxes. We weren't actually going to release them as prints, but we have had lots of lovely requests to add them to the print collection, so here they are.

The 3rd new print is a firm favourite of mine, it was suggested by Suzie, if you don't know Suzie she is a crucial member of the Belle & Boo team. If you have ever received a parcel from us, it will have been lovingly packed by Suzie, she is more of a perfectionist than I am and I am pretty bad! The illustration is taken from our book 'Bubbles Before Bed' and is called 'Up The Stairs We Go'. I love doing this type of illustration, note to self 'must do more'.

The 4th new print is 'Bronto Boy' or 'Jude-o-saurus' as we refer to it in the studio. The idea for the illustration was suggested to me by Tracy's son Jude, who has a mop of blonde hair just like the illo.

We also have 2 new packs of gift tags

Baby Boo Tags

& Belle Hugs Boo Tags I really like the colour of these (Wow I really do like sepia!)

We have been sent the most amount of lovely customer photos recently, here are some Belle & Boo goodies being enjoyed around the world.

Oooohh and all our Christmas fabric has sold out, we are going to try our hardest to get some more before Christmas, but meanwhile please do send us photos of what you have done with yours.

Bye for now & for those of us in the UK have a wonderful Bonfire night.