Saturday, 14 January 2012

Our Belle & Boo Party Range

One exciting blog post followed by another, I am on a roll!

Firstly thank you for all your lovely messages, it was wonderful reading them all with my morning cup of 'decaf' coffee!

OK more exciting news, this time last year we approached the amazing Talkin Tables and asked them if they would consider developing with us a Belle & Boo party range, luckily they said yes. I drew a parade of Belle & Boo characters on their way to a party and Clare our very patient designer spent many, many months getting them to fit existing tableware templates and designing a few new ones along the way.

So now a whole year later it is in our shops here and here and we are very proud, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and it inspires you to throw a Belle & Boo party.

Here is the range

Invites & Thank you cards £10
"Brush up your whiskers, Boo." said Belle. "We're going to a party!"
A beautiful Belle & Boo stationery set. Includes 10 party invitations, 10 thank you cards, 20 envelopes and 20 address stickers.

Belle & Boo Bunting £7.00
Boo was so excited he jumped as high as the banner!
3 mtr in length

Party Cups £3
"Achoo!" sneezed Boo as the bubbles tickled his nose.
8 x 210ml paper party cups with Belle & Boo

Paper Plates £3.85
"Please Belle, can I have some more?" asked Boo
8 x 23cm paper plates in 2 designs

Table Cloth £3.85
Size: 180 x 120cm

Cake Frill and Toppers £6.50
1 adjustable cake frill and 16 card cake toppers in 4 designs.

Party Bags £4
Belle and Boo couldn't wait to see what was in their party bag. Boo hoped for carrot cake!
8 paper Belle & Boo party bags with name stickers.

Party Napkins £3
"Now wipe your sticky paws, Boo!" said Belle.
30 x 3 ply party napkins

24 Cup Cake Wrappers £4.50
"If i am really good, please may I have two cakes?" asked Boo.
24 x printed cupcake wraps with 3 designs, 8 of each design.

Party Platters £4.50
Boo jumped onto the table to catch a glimpse of the yummy platters of food.
4 food platters in 2 designs

Pin the Tail on the Donkey Game £6
"If I win, can I have an extra slice of cake?" asked Boo.
A traditional game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The game pack includes a beautifully illustrated, A2 poster with a choice of boy or girl rider for the donkey, 2 sheets of tail and name stickers.

Treat Time Donkey and Cart £10
"Oh please let the cart be full of carrots," Boo gasped "Oh please!"
A cute and quirky, card donkey and cart with waterproof lining.

It goes with out saying PLEASE, please please send us any photos of your parties.


  1. Oh my goodness I am in love! Not sure I can persuade my boys off fireman Sam and top gear themed parties though! May have to have a belle and boo theme party for myself!

  2. Utterly perfect. This is going to be huuuuuuge! :)

  3. These look fantastic! (I might have to borrow a child to throw a full-blown Belle & Boo party, though.) (On the other hand, the cupcake wrappers are bound to look very sweet indeed with my red Burleigh tea set and would make a fantastic addition to springtime tea party ...)

  4. Are you kidding?! I want this for MY next birthday!

  5. you've totally outdone yourself this time. my fave belle & boo product line ever!!! that banner! i want it for myself never mind the kids!

    sad i'm going to miss you! moving next friday eh? i'm guessing you are tres busy next week. please keep in touch mandalou. and email me your new address please. lots of love xxx

  6. this is beyond gorgeous! I love all the pictures! So creative! Everything you do is so well made, which is something that is all-too uncommon in the world!

  7. :o ... so, these aren't just for kids are they? no. good. i WANT these for my next birthday! so so cute x

  8. Irresistable. My little girl will be turning 2 in April in true Belle and Boo style. I'll be sending through the pics! I'm sure my five year old little girl, who has a whole lot of Belle and Boo goodness in her room, will also be wanting a Belle and Boo theme too. This party range will definitely be featuring at our house several times throughout the year (and years to come, I'm sure).

    This is such an adorable party range. I have already ooohed and aaaahed over your post about it several times. Thank you for bringing it to us.

  9. Oh this is far too cute! My favourite Belle and Boo line so far (and I've absolutely loved everything else too)! Counting down the days 'till my bithday!

  10. these are DIVINE! congratulations Mandy!!

  11. Oh My!!

    Right, who's birthday is next?
    *puts thinking cap on*

  12. Wow - everything is so so lovely . I love love love the donkey and cart - xxx

  13. everything is so gorgeous... yall did such a great job on this

  14. That post just got better and better....Love love love the pin the tail on the donkey and the donkey and cart. Just gorgeous...worth having a party just to buy the partyware! Congratulations, its gorgeous :)

  15. Amazing. You really though of everything.

  16. Love, love, love this, especially the garland. Unfortunately, my "baby" is 30 and I don't think I could talk him into it! :-)
    BTW, congrats on your twins - how exciting...and feel free to talk all you want about them. It's the best adventure of your life! My "only" has brought much joy to my life.

  17. Absolutly fantastic! Roll on May 28th and my daughter Avas' 1st birthday tea party x
    Marie Claire

  18. I've just read your previous post congratulations! I'm sure they will give you plenty of inspiration and joy. I've featured the partyware on my blog
    Hope you like it :)

  19. Oh I wish that had been out last month!!! My daughter turned 7 in December and she LOVES Belle & Boo nearly as much as I do. Now I'll need another excuse to throw a Belle & Boo party...

  20. I love them all!!!!

    Best wishes from Madrid,

  21. Love it all! Just posted a link on our FB and Twitter sites.

    Just wondering though what are the platters made out of?

    Thanks and will be placing my first order soon!

  22. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen in just about ever ... I was wondering if it was possible for you to list them as a 'kit' price too - with all the little things you need for a party all together. I seriously want to throw my little one a birthday party NOW!!

  23. I love all of your range,so beautiful!Do you have any plans for a jubilee range?manythanks juliex