Friday, 20 July 2012


We're big tape fans here at Belle & Boo, in case you hadn't noticed! We've got tape on the mind too because we're in the process of designing a new one to come out for Christmas... exciting times.

While we mainly just use the deco tape we sell to make parcels, envelopes and presents look pretty it often gets other uses. For example, the parade tape holds my old and cracked mac together!

But check out these craft projects that people have done with our tape...

The folk over at Lovely Tape have done a few projects. I'm so in love with this bookmark idea that uses our London Umbrella Tape. 
(Image Credit: Lovely Tape)

(Image Credit: Lovely Tape)

And in their shop, they've used the London Umbrella Tape to cover a shelf!
(Image Credit: Lovely Tape)

At Christmas, a clever customer sent us this picture where they used our Christmas tape to make these sweet jars.

I also came across this picture where water bottles have been jazzed up with some fancy tape. I can't help but think the Boo & The Butterfly tape would look great done like this for a kids/christening or Easter party.
 (Image Credit: Cute Kawaii)

 Have you done anything creative with our tape? We'd love to hear about it if you have... send us an email with pictures!.

Love, Clare x

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  1. :) totally making a tape order before the discount for the new website runs out!