Saturday, 4 August 2012


Belle & Boo are now selling lampshades that are made using fabric from our collection. Yippee! This is particularly exciting for those of you doing Belle & Boo room make overs as you can have matching lampshades to the blinds/curtains/blankets/pajamas that you may be making with the fabric!
The shades come in a variety of sizes and you can choose if they're for a lamp base or a ceiling light when you order.

The designs available are:
Classic Belle is available in 3 sizes. 
(20cm x 18cm, 30cm x 24cm and 25cm x 25cm.)
  Hello Boo is available in 2 sizes. 
(30cm x 24cm and 25cm x 25cm)

 Pirate Games is available in 3 sizes
(20cm x 18cm, 30cm x 24cm and 25cm x 25cm.)

Ava & Friends is available in 3 sizes
(20cm x 18cm, 30cm x 24cm and 25cm x 25cm.)

 Each shade will be made to order by Ruth, who runs Quincy Lampshades from of her home just outside of Bristol. Because each shade is made to order you will have to allow 1-2 weeks for delivery...but they'll definitely be worth the wait.
"Quincy Lampshades was founded in 2011 by Ruth McAllister, who, inspired by the brilliance of modern quilting cottons, produces a range of beautiful, bold and winsome lampshades at her kitchen table with love. Having discovered that her grandfather was once a lampshade-maker too, Ruth is determined to bring an end to beige and boring lampshades and bring colour, fun and individuality to home lighting."

Love Clare