Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Wall Stickers

We've had wall stickers on our minds lately... because we've been busy designing some new ones! Some are from existing artwork and others have been drawn up especially.  We've been dying to share them with you for ages but we have to keep our lips sealed for a while longer.  We're hoping to get them launched in the next few months. Exciting times ahead. 
I've got one of the samples up on my fridge at the moment, can you guess what it is?

 Wall Stickers in the home...
Some lovely folk have shared some pics with us of our wall stickers in their home and we wanted to share them with you too!

 Boo watches over baby Eilish as she plays her super cute vintage piano.
Thanks Jane for the pic!

 Boo also watches over Baby B's cot! And that's a Boo cushion and cot quilt we spy there too!

Thanks Nina for the pic!

Noah daydreams of flying from his cot with his Hot Air Balloon stickers! 
(Is anyone else jealous of Noah's bunting curtains? Because I am!)
Thanks Jessica for the pic! 

Amy-Jo's Cowboy and Indians nursery brings a smile to her whole family!
 Thanks Tania for the pic!

 Arielle is a very spoiled bubba (and cute to boot!) indeed! She has our Donut wall sticker above her cot as well as 4 art prints on one wall,  our letterpress boo limited edition on another wall and not forgetting her Boo cushion
Thanks Nikki for the pic!

 The lovely ladies at She Dressed In Black have decorated 'Twee Towers" with lots of wall stickers! They have the Donut sticker in their retro pink kitchen and the Hot Air Balloons stickers in the playroom.

Love Clare


  1. Love the new wall stickers - exciting.

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