Monday, 29 October 2012

1st Family Holiday

It feels like an age ago now but Russ and I just got back from our first family holiday. We took the twins to Spain for 2 weeks and it was wonderful. The weather was gorgeous so the boys spent most of their time just in their nappies which they love (they have a real aversion to getting dressed) They had just started on solids before we left, so we had lots of fun trying out different foods, it turns out they have expensive taste, avocado and mangoes being 2 of their favourite (cheap in Spain but not so cheap or delicious here) They had their first dip in a pool, sand in their mouths at the beach, Ellis learnt to roll and Sam to sit and they both got their first bottom 2 teeth. 

The best bit for me was having Russ there all day everyday it made life so much easier, 2 pairs of hands for 2 babies is just right! We did manage to squeeze in a little bit of time for our selves, as soon as the boys went down for their lunch time nap we jumped in the pool, madly swam a few lengths, grabbed our books, lay in the sun and then ate a delicious lunch that we had sensibly prepared earlier, all in all it was a huge success.

Here's a little photo story of Ellis's reaction to Raspberries.

"hhhmmmmmm do I like raspberries?"

"I think Sam likes raspberries?"

"I do like raspberries, very much

"I will try one"

"hhmmmmmmm not quite sure?"

"I wonder if Ellis is liking his raspberry?"

"I think................."

"I think I like them very much"

"Ellis this is also called a raspberry"

"Sam it is no laughing matter, I am now very seriously into raspberries"

love Mandy x


  1. They are adorable. Love it when they Blow raspberries......not the real ones.

  2. Totally and utterly adorable, so glad you had a great holiday. Love raspberries too ;) hugs, catherine x

  3. Oh, those boys of yours are growing up so fast! Good that you got some time to yourselves as well while on holiday.

  4. ahh too cute! How lovely to visit Spain. I love that in the UK you can just pop over there. Glad you had a wonderful time :)

  5. So funny photos!! They're so adorable!! I'm glad to read that you had a wonderful time in Spain :)