Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Russ and I are just starting to really get out and about a little further with the boys... at first a trip to the local coffee shop was a half day event! The other weekend on one of the few sunny days we have had this summer we took a walk along Bristol harbourside, it really is lovely. 

I especially liked the floating harbour, it reminded me of the High Line in New York and that made me think just how much mine & Russ's lives have changed in such a short period of time. I never mentioned before on the blog that when we took the trip to New York back in April last year there was a possibility of Russ accepting a job over there, we had pretty much decided we would move when I found out I was expecting twins! Isn't life weird, wonderful and unpredicatable. 
After our walk we ate fresh spicy thai food and soaked up some much needed sun whilst the boys napped. I can't wait to explore Bristol and the surrounding areas a little more.



  1. Wonderful Mandy! Gosh from New York to Bristol, how life can change. Fun to see the harbour on a sunny day :) i bet it must be quite an expedition going out with the boys! Hugs, catherine x

  2. Glad you are getting out and about as a family to see what a beautiful city we live in. We're never stuck for ideas for days out with our twins! Just wait til your boys are splashing in the fountains by At-Bristol in the summer... magical :-)

  3. esiatfPop over the bridge to the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean. We live in Chepstow.. tis lovely here and Bristol too.