Thursday, 15 November 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

There's no denying that Christmas is well and truly on its way! So we're celebrating with the launch of all of our lovely Christmas products!

Alongside last years lovely products such as our fabric, tins, tape, cards and wrap etc we have some new products which we've just launched.

Mandy's new artwork is based around Belle & Boo on a Christmas carousel with their friends and frankly, it couldn't be more magical!

So on this theme we've got a new tape. The perfect addition to jazz up plain wrapping paper and great for sealing packages that are being posted. But the possibilities of the tape extend beyond the norm, as shown in a previous post! Get creative!

Wooden decorations for your tree, mantle or wherever you please really! Sold as a matching set of 2 featuring Belle & Boo on one horse and their dashing friend on another. These are made with love about 30 miles from Bristol because we love supporting local businesses! 

New gift tags. Sold in a pack of 6 with 2 designs - Belle & Boo and a very handsome little boy.

And then comes my absolute favourite! Our new Christmas Carousel Fabric Panel which is perfect for all your little (or big!) crafting projects. This fabric really makes me wish I was a better sewer.
 You get 2 borders on this, which we think you could use for (but certainly not limited to!) table runners, trim on a stocking or santa sacks, trim on anything really... towels and pillow cases etc, wrap it around things like jam jars to make candle holders or vases, or sew it to the bottom of a skirt to wear on Christmas day!
You also get a repeatable carousel horse and stars pattern which, once again, the sky's the limit with your creativity.
THEN, you also get the pattern to make your very own Belle doll/mini cushion! Simply cut out her front and back pieces, sew together, stuff and viola! There's also a mini boo which you could have as a little toy, or sew in some string on the top and make him into a decoration.
On top of all that you also get 2 carousel horse pictures which you could make into decorations of any shape you please or perhaps cut them out and applique them onto a t-shirt?!
What do you plan on making with our fabric? Make sure to send us photos of your creations to

I'm going to head off and eat some mince pies!


  1. Mandy the tape is gorgeous, just love it! Hope you and the boys are getting on well and you're enjoying preparing for their first Christmas :-)

  2. :) you and your fruit mince pies! :) LOve it all!

  3. I love the horses, they are so great.