Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Wall Stickers

We're delighted to announce we have a new range of wall stickers!

Our friends at Chocovenyl have done a fantastic job producing and managing this range to date, but we are now producing these in house (so if you're a wholesaler, it means you order them directly from us now too).

This has been a long process for us involving lots of research on materials and printers and cutters (Patrick, Suzie and I got to go and watch some big cutting machines in action throughout this process - it was pretty exciting!) but most importantly we've spent time working on some new designs which you can see below!

We haven't completely gotten rid of our old range. We've kept the Boo, Belle Hugs Boo, Dino Ride, Hot Air Balloons and Cowboys and Indians designs but they're now available, in some instances, in different sizes and prices.

Height Chart
This is a firm favourite at Belle & Boo HQ. This design comes in two colour options. The sticker has to sit 30cm from the floor for the ruler to be accurate. It also comes with 21 height marker bow stickers for you to keep a track of growth without having to mark the sticker or your wall with pen. We thought it would be lovely if you wrote the date or age of the child on the bows. They come in 4 colours too, so if you've got multiple children they could have a colour bow each!

 (That's Kate and Patrick's little girl May - isn't she gorgeous!)


Boo's Furniture Stickers
These stickers come in a set of 12 stickers. They're ideal for creating a scene to adorn cots, bed headboards, wardrobes, or the walls! You may use these however you please!

"I Baked This..."
This design is subtle and whimsy! I can attest to the fact it looks great in a kitchen as I've had a sample up on my fridge for a few months. Make sure its not stuck anywhere where it can get splashed with water though, as our stickers aren't yet waterproof.

Woolly Mammoth
Always a favourite, we're now selling the Mammoth from the Dino Ride set individually.

For the boys we've got "My Paper Plane" available in small and large sizes.

The material that they're printed on is self adhesive and its an award-winning, durable, woven polyester fabric which can be stuck to virtually any surface in the home. It leaves no sticky residue, it won’t shrink or curl, and it even wraps around corners and ceilings. There’s no skill required to put it up, and since it never stops being sticky you can take it down, re-decorate then use it again - making it perfect for your home and nursery!

We hope you love these new products as much as we do. We're hoping to roll out more designs next year, so watch this space.
Happy shopping.

Love Clare


  1. Perfect timing. I'm just about to start decorating the nursery for my 4 month old.
    Please could you tell me if the print of Belle sat in a big comfy armchair drinking hot chocolate is still available? I couldn't see it on your website or Etsy shop. It's on my daughters Christmas list!

  2. Hello, The print is available!

  3. You truly have some wonderful products.

  4. Just love it, the different colours and shapes. Finding it hard to choose which one I like the most ermmm if I could I would have all of them xx
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