Monday, 4 February 2013

Fabric Round Up

Remember how I told you how my mum was making my niece a little Christmas outfit using our carousel fabric? Well, here's the finished product! She ended up going for a little top/dress and then for next Christmas she'll remove the straps and it can be converted into a skirt! Eilish loved her Belle doll too, she gave it lots of hugs and kisses and pats.

 (Playing a xylophone takes so much concentration! Look at that little tongue sticking out!)

In other fabric news -we've received so many lovely photos via email and instagram of craft projects our customers have been doing. 

Look at this AMAZING Belle & Boo nursery. Baby Indi is one very lucky baby indeed as look at the gorgeous things her grandma has made her - Belle & Boo bunting and that patchwork quilt that uses our Classic Belle & Boo fabric... we're all in awe!
(Click to enlarge) 
(Image Credits: Toni)

Jessi made this adorable sweat shirt with a piece of the Pirate Games Fabric

Georgia sent us this picture of some Boo dolls cot linen! She wrote: "After recently acquiring a lovely hand-me-down dolls cot & seeing my son James get so much enjoyment out of tucking his beloved toy rabbit into it each night, I decided to embark on making some linen that would be appropriate for a soft toy bunny!"
 (Thanks Georgia for the pic)

Valerie  said "I fell in love with the pic you used of the girl in her Halloween skirt so
decided to make one for my daughter! There was enough fabric left for a matching dress for her little sister!"
 (Thanks Valerie for the pics)

Emma made this Belle & Boo candle using a Nutella jar, an offcut of the Classic Belle & Boo fabric, and some organza. Very effective!
(Thanks Emma for the pic)

Also while we're on the topic of fabric, let me introduce you to Rhiannon Southwell who is the very talented fabric designer behind our Classic Belle & Boo, Boo, Ava & Friends and Pirate Games fabric. You can check out her online portfolio here.

Love, Clare

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  1. A Belle and Boo inspired nursery...mmm that sounds LOVELY!!!